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Global Transco ICT Solutions is the official distributor of WatchGuard products in the Philippines.


WatchGuard’s Unified Security Platform is built from the ground up to enable efficient, powerful security services with increased scale and velocity while gaining operational efficiencies. WatchGuard Cloud™️ is a complete portfolio of endpoint, multi-factor authentication, and network security products and services for protecting environments, users, and devices.

WatchGuard EPP

  • Endpoint protection against malware, ransomware and latest threats
  • Detailed, real-time protection and reporting
  • Managed endpoint firewall
  • Malware “freezer” to isolate and recover malware if needed
  • Advanced disinfection
  • Web filtering and activity monitoring
WatchGuard EDR

  • Continuously monitor endpoints
  • Automatically detect and respond to targeted attacks and in-memory exploits
  • Classify 100% of processes (pre-execution, running and post-execution) using the Zero-Trust Application Service
  • Prevent unknown processes from executing
  • Sandbox in real environments
  • Find malicious actors, attack attempts and use tools to mitigate its effects with the Threat Hunting Service
WatchGuard EPDR

  • EDR for continuous monitoring that prevents the execution of unknown processes
  • Behavioral analysis and detection of IoAs (indicators of attack) scripts, macros, etc.
  • Automatic detection and response for targeted attacks and in-memory exploits
  • Endpoint protection capabilities such as URL filtering, device control and managed firewall
  • Zero-Trust Application and Threat Hunting features delivered as managed services
  • Lightweight agent and easy-to-use Cloud-based console with detailed reporting
WatchGuard Advanced EPDR
Advanced EPDR

  • Close Security Gaps, Stay Ahead of Threats
  • Boost Your Threat Hunting and Investigation Skills
  • Centralize IoC-Based Hunting
  • Remotely Investigate and Remediate an Incident
  • Monitor or Block Living-off-the-Land Attacks

Extend Your Endpoint Protection with Add-Ons

WatchGuard Endpoint modules are available with certain EPP, EDR and EPDR products. Add Patch Management to centrally manage updates and patches for operating systems and third-party applications. Deploy Full Encryption to encrypt and decrypt endpoint information. Rely on our Advanced Reporting Tool to pinpoint attacks and unusual behaviors. And include Data Control to discover, classify and monitor unstructured personal data stored on endpoints.

WatchGuard Patch Management
Patch Management

  • Discover vulnerabilities and pending patches, and get EOL program updates
  • Deploy operating system and software program patches in real time
  • Audit, monitor and prioritize operating system and application updates
  • Automate patch schedules and EOL application replacements
  • Search for specific CVE, patch name or program, and patch
  • Isolate, patch and deisolate endpoints to prevent incidents from spreading
WatchGuard Full Disk Encryption
Full Disk Encryption

  • Enforce and deploy disk and removable storage encryption policies
  • Prevent loss, theft, and unauthorized access to data
  • Prove laptops and USB drives encryption status with real-time data
  • Report on encryption status
  • Centrally manage user recovery keys through the web console
  • Enable pre-boot authentication to verify user’s identity
WatchGuard Advanced Reporting Tool
Advanced Reporting Tool

  • Detect network inbound and outbound connections to suspicious locations
  • Identify outliers and anomalies that might be threats
  • Monitor the execution of legitimate software
  • Receive alerts about suspicious behaviors
  • Use data search and contextual analysis for detailed investigations
  • Control bandwidth consumption to prevent resource misuse

Other Products

WatchGuard DNSWatchGo

  • DNS-level detection, providing an additional layer of security to block connections to the bad guys
  • Provides immediate security education to heighten end user awareness after an attack
  • Automatically protects end users from phishing attacks and C2 connections
  • Lightweight, always-on security - no VPN required!
  • Content filtering that limits access to risky areas of the web with 130 pre-defined blocking categories
  • Supports Windows 7, 8, 10, and Chrome OS
WatchGuard Authpoint

  • Effective MFA Protection with Unique Mobile DNA
  • Easy-to-Use Authentication Straight From Your Mobile Phone
  • Cloud-Based and Hassle-Free
  • Manage Credentials and Strengthen Passwords



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